Phase 1: The TipTok Token
Filling a Niche
TipTok is a tech start-up which aims to create an ecosystem of DeFi products designed for social media monetisation. The objective is to help content creators monetise their social platforms and find financial freedom. TipTok will partner with FindBalloon to create products which also provide simple and user-friendly tools for passionate fans to support creative works across social platforms. TipTok partnering with FindBalloon plans to revolutionise creator monetisation by creating a tokenised economy and marketplace. Please read Phase 2 for more information about the TipTok + FindBalloon Partnership.
Bigger Influencers are missing out on monetising their audiences further and lack a system to reward loyal followers, while medium sized influencers aren't able to monetise enough to go full time, despite this being crucial to their success. TipTok aims to solve this problem. The currency that fuels the TipTok ecosystem will be the TipTok token. For Phase 1, the TipTok tokens will be the currency for tipping content creators across social platforms. By adding a personalised wallet/QR code to social profiles, videos, posts, etc. it will allow users to easily reward creators for their talents, without having to jump through the hoops of exchanging currency; no matter where you live in the world.
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